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The HELIOS pasta industry has created a new pasta series "Kid-do" specially designed for children aged 2-8 years old.


Pasta is an excellent source of energy and carbohydrates for the increased needs of children within a balanced diet.

HELIOS pasta industry has the unique comprehensive children's series in the Greek market, which includes a wide variety of designs, based on the desires and creative imagination of our little friends. The entire series has an educational character as all shapes are inspired by everyday life, nature, the Greek language, the Latin alphabet and numbers, Japanese Katakana ideograms, and the animal kingdom.


Kid-do Pasta

Hercules and the 12 Labors

Hercules, who according to Greek mythology was descended from the Gods, remains the most popular mythical hero from ancient times to the present day. His labors surpass human limits exciting and thrilling both young and elder alike. Hercules is the most emblematic and multifaceted figure of the ancient world and the protagonist in most of the tales of world mythology. As the founder of the Olympic Games, he symbolizes physical strength and the athletic ideal while being the hero par excellence who, in order to achieve his lofty goals, remains faithful to his moral principles. Hercules as a timeless, modern day hero was our source of inspiration for the creation of the new pasta HELIOS “HERCULES – THE TWELVE LABORS”

Ηρακλης σχήματα.png
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