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Life giving land sieres

Life Giving Land

Ζείδωρος Γη -/zidoros gi/-

The word "zeedoros" in ancient Greek describes the one who offers life.

Similarly, the pasta series "Life Giving Lanc" originates from a range of products produced from precious raw materials of the Mediterranean land, such as Saffron from Kozani, Organic Emmer-Farro Dicocc Wheat, Carob and Dictamnus, which contain extremely rich nutritional ingredients, offering beneficial health effects to the human body.


Pasta with flavors from the Greek Land

Greek Saffron, carob, dittany of Crete and Greek Coffee contain extremly rich nutrients which are beneficial to the human body.

These fine ingedients, are brought to every home by the enriched ''Life-giving land'' series for those who wish to add more refined flavors to their daily family table.


Organic Emmer-Farro Dicocco Wheat  Pasta

Organic Pasta made from Emmer-Farro dicocco wheat is a very good source of protein and trace elements.

The dicocco wheat, an integral part of the diet of the ancient Greeks, has the advantage of maintaining its nutritional characteristics to the maximum, as nature has endowed it with a resilient hull which remains attached to the seed until the moment of its removal by special treatment.


Organic Whole Wheat Emmer-Farro Dicocco Wheat  Pasta

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