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Helios Gluten Free line

HELIOS Gluten Free pasta... by nature!

HELIOS Gluten Free pasta products are made from selected, nongenetically modified corn and rice. They are gluten free by nature, so you do not have to miss out on your favorite dishes.

They retain an al dente texture and have a slightly porous surface to absorb sauces for even more flavor.

High in energy and rich in carbohydrates, they are perfect for those seeking a balanced diet without limitations and deprivation. 

The natural carotenes lend a warm golden-yellow color to your dishes, whether a traditional meat and pasta yuvetsi casserole, a classic plate of spaghetti, a refreshing pasta salad or a tagliatelle soufflé.

The wide range of HELIOS Gluten Free products challenges you to let your imagination run wild and create dishes full of
inspiration and flavor. Spaghetti with white or red sauces, soups, orzotto, baked yuvetsi, pasta salads, soufflé and au gratin are just a few. We provide the pasta and you add the special touch.

Gluten Free Pasta

Organic Legumes, Vegetables and Cereals Gluten Free Products

These new gluten-free pasta products are made with legumes, vegetables and cereals. They are ideal for those who want to follow a healthy and balanced gluten-free diet.
They are low in saturated fats, easy to digest and a good source of energy, making them suitable for those who follow a strict vegetarian diet. HELIOS Organic Red Lentil & Beetroot Striftaria and HELIOS Organic Yellow Lentil & Pumpkin Rigatoni contain selected pulses. This makes them rich in protein and fibre, contributing to their nutritional value. The vegetables and grains in HELIOS Organic Brown Rice & Cauliflower Penne Rigate have been carefully selected to provide a rich source of trace elements and fibre.


Organic, Gluten Free CousCous

HELIOS Organic Instant CousCous is ready in minutes, so you can get creative with a variety of recipes.
Quick and easy to prepare, it is ideal for both hot and cold dishes, traditional or ethnic recipes, salads and desserts. Healthy, easy to digest and delicious, HELIOS Organic Couscous is gluten-free, high in fibre and low in fat. Ideal for anyone suffering from coeliac condition or allergy to gluten and its derivatives! 

Its’  preparation is proposed  in the following 4 ways:

  • Easy: place an equal amount of couscous and hot water in a pan; stir, wait for about 5 minutes for the couscous to absorb the   water, stir vigorously to fluffy and serve

  • Modern in the microwave: place an equal amount of couscous and water in a pan and heat it for 3 minutes in defrosting mode or at a power of 240  W. Remove  from oven, leave for 3 minutes in pan, stir vigorously to fluffy and serve

  • Easy and low energy consumption: place an equal amount of couscous and cold water in a pan; stir, wait for about 20 minutes for the couscous to absorb the   water, stir vigorously to fluffy and serve

  • Traditional steamed: cook the meat or vegetables of your choice as the basis of a couscous and steam the couscous for 40-45 minutes according to your favorite recipe

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